101 Quick & Actionable SEO Tricks That Are HUGE

101 Quick & Actionable SEO Tricks That Are HUGE

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2 thoughts on “101 Quick & Actionable SEO Tricks That Are HUGE”

  1. How does google know if your backlink is from a donation? Does this go for paid backlinks as well? And, will both sites get penalised for this? I recently accepted a couple of paid backlinks on my site, which I don’t usually do but the sites I would be linking to were on brand and in the same theme as my site, so I figured it would probably be ok. Also, you mentioned guest posts aren’t good for links, but are for content, is this for guest posting on other sites or having people guest post on your site?

  2. I have a small business and I am thinking of trying to market it by using Youtube, Google Adwords and maybe some Facebook. I don’t know which one will work better but I’m willing to invest some time and money into each of these.

    I knew footer links are not that important but did not know about the header ones. I always thought the best links are the ones inside the actual content, followed by the sidebar and then the header.

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