Short Story About Our Company

Our tradition in cutting edge digital marketing along with our strategic comprehension of the way to grow your brand, enables us to produce digital, social media and paid media, and also to transform organizations for the digital economy marketing campaigns that make a difference.

Our agency comprehends that customers and clients need encounters and results, respectively. Today’s promotion occurs in real-time with the customer desiring content with circumstance on their conditions. Promoting Media created absolute engagement digital marketing solutions that produce this experience seamlessly in the proper locations at the proper times, across platforms.

We believe your business should drive marketing not the other way around. We associate and collaborate with our customers to understand their company targets so we are able to develop totally engaged, multi-channel marketing programs that drive those aims forward. We’re your very own go to-CMO, a team of experts in your corner able to plan, execute and optimize.

  1. Jan, 2012

    Our company became an entity in 2012. It was founded with a mission to take the customers business to the next level with unparalleled marketing and advertising service. At the time, our future was uncertain, but it all began to take a pleasing shape when we started to create success stories for our clients

  2. Nov, 2013

    In 2013, our growth spurt kicked in. We had successfully gone through the start-up and survival phases within two years. Our client base was rapidly expanding; this created a need for additional workforce and a larger workspace.

  3. Oct, 2014

    2014 was the year Promoting Media attained industry recognition. Our excellent record of accomplishment earned us a place on the pantheon for great advertising and marketing companies. This recognition brought more high profile clients who were in need of our unique services.

  4. Oct, 2015

    Promoting Media journey to this point has been positively progressive. Our resolve to continually redefine excellence by providing unparalleled services using innovative technologies remains firm. Information Technology is the lifeblood of today’s fast paced world.

  5. Nov, 2016

    Promoting Media is an independent digital agency comprised of individuals who began doing paid search. We’ve since grown to concentrate on SEM, Search Engine Optimization, content, societal, analytics, and cellular, leveraging innovation and best practices to present the appropriate message to the correct man in the proper time.

  6. May, 2017

    We motivate customers to be involved and see. We're enthusiastic in regards to the concept that exceptional outcomes are produced by working collaboratively.

    Collectively, We make your digital media perform better and allow you to grow one interaction at a time, brand relationships

Meet Our Best Experts

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Reginald Joseph
Reginald Joseph


Abby Wilkinson
Abby Wilkinson

SEO Specialist

Philip Demarco
Philip Demarco

Senior Developer

Igor Constantin
Igor Constantin

Business Analyst

Excellent Support
We are here just for one thing, and that is to help you achieve your business goals. We are very flexible and willing to solve any problem your business may have.
Awesome Team
Our learning process never stops, so we can help you achieve your business goals. After all, you got a business to run.
Faster Performance
Because we do just marketing, seo and advertising for our clients, day in and day out, we are able to obtain results way faster.

Our Vision

Client-centered. Measurement-obsessed. Absolutely-crystalline. We’re an uncomplicated and honest bureau that understands we succeed when you perform better. We promise to be your trusted advisor, partner, collaborator and kindred spirits in pursuing success-without the drama.
I'd undoubtedly recommend Promoting Media, I believe they're a top notch seller. They’ve been for quite a while in the company where you’re attempting to get in touch with a Google spokesperson, plus they will have an excellent relationship with Google which actually helps surpass a few of the problems. We’ve seen great success together.
Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Smith
I'm not your typical customer, that being the situation, Promoting Media is an incredibly solid organization although I understand a good deal concerning the web marketing space…. Promoting Media has helped us rate well, get quality leads, and quite cost-efficiently boost our services in a massive marketplace where we've, before, spent to get exactly the same amount of leads.
Marcus Carter
Marcus Carter
Lead Manager
We began to get sales as quick as possible…but Promoting Media has worked to come up with a long-lasting strategy using SEO when we began with Promoting Media. With Promoting Media, we’ve reduced our price of advertising by 96% and increased our sales.
Sandra Subahwon
Lead Manager
They've literally taken us from ground zero to the capacity to now realize huge levels of revenue from our on-line relationships, which actually continues to be driven by Promoting Media as well as their skill to do all of those various varieties of areas all in a single house all with committed service and support individuals.
Gilbert Arroyo
Lead Manager