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Local search is the use of specific Internet search engines that allow users to publish constrained searches that are geographically against an organized database of local listings. Google Maps (formerly Google Local) looks for local addresses mentioned in regular web pages. It supplies visitors, as well as maps and business listings with these results. Goods-specific search engines use techniques including focused web direct and crawling feeds to gather info about products for sale in a particular regional location.
Local Search - Promoting Media

What data should you provide for your business.

Typical local search questions comprise not just information about “what" the website customer is seeking for (for example keywords, a company category, or the title of a consumer item) but also “where" information, including a street address, city name, mail code, or geographic coordinates like latitude and longitude.

Data Required

Several data use and modification is required in order for your business to appear on a local search. This combined with the use of different platforms will give the best results in bringing new customers to your business.

Content marketing strategy 62%
Digital consultancy 86%
Mobile Marketing 52%
Reputation management 40%


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Bell Marylin
Bell Marylin
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Brown Dannie
We wanted to get more traffic to our second location, so Promoting Media helped us to shorten the time and get where we wanted to be...
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Lubian Brenda

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In order to make sure that your business will be on the first local search google page, we will start with a keyword research.
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Promoting Media has the tools and the team able to make all the necessary changes in your website structure. Contact us to get a free report and see if your local searches results can be improved.

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