Management Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

Management Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

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3 thoughts on “Management Mistakes You Need to Stop Making”

  1. You would think that having a high employee turnover would be an obvious sign that something isn’t working, however I’ve worked in a lot of places where there is a high employee turnover and the company is completely oblivious to the fact that it could be an internal management issue. I’ve also worked in places where performance reviews are often completely ignored or pushed back, as they are seen as being pointless. It definitely doesn’t make you, as an employee feel important. The one job where performance reviews were actually valued was the job I enjoyed the most, and the job where I stayed the longest – that has to say something in itself.

  2. I don’t know if any employee likes arbitrary grading. I mean who would like to see a co-worker being left alone when doing something bad and when you do a similar, bad thing, you are punished for it? There should always be clear rules set in place that everyone must abide to. Everyone should know those rules and follow them. If they don’t they should pay for it accordingly. This is fairness and it will make people trust the company and believe in the system.

  3. Subjective grading is one of the things I absolutely hate in a company! If you are good, you should get praise and maybe even a raise. If and when you did something bad they should talk to you in private (without others hearing) and let you know what you did incorrectly and what is expected of you. When someone remains calm and talks to me when I do a mistake I listen and try to do my best to do better in the future.

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