Mobile - most critical device that links customers

Mobile – most critical device that links customers

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3 thoughts on “Mobile – most critical device that links customers”

  1. I think Micro surveys are the way to go (well not all of the time of course) because they can be very rewarding for a company while not taking too much time for the person filling out the survey. I would say that a 2-3 minute survey, asking 3 to 6 questions will do a lot better than a 5+ minutes survey asking more than 10 questions. It’s a matter of asking the right questions and not taking too much time out of someone’s already busy day.

  2. Cellular broadband will probably exceed the 235% growth you speak about because phone and smartphones are getting cheaper so everyone can afford one. It would be interesting to know how many people worldwide have a mobile phone. I’m betting over 80% if not more.

  3. Smartphones have the power nowadays and almost everyone has one so the future is here and it fits in your pocket. I’m very curious to see what will happen in the next 4-5 years regarding this. How will smartphones change and what next gadgets will we see by then? Will smartphones become something like a portable computer to us? We already spend s much time on them that this wouldn’t be such a huge surprise, at least not to me.

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