DocuZoom Student Loans approached us to support them with a complex promotion and optimization campaign.

As a business start-up, the new site needed an influx of new visitors. Another challenge was thatDocuZoom Student Loans works within the student loan document preparation field where it is usually more difficult to acquire leads.

The primary task of our promotion was to trigger more free consultations while decreasing the cost of these leads acquisition. We suggested launching an AdWords campaign as if implemented correctly, this form of online marketing allows to quickly generate quality traffic and new leads.


Landing Page Optimization

To ensure our client does not lose money-leading traffic to pages that do not convert, we started with landing page optimization. We created several versions of target landing page, integrate with Zapier and started testing “in the wild”. We had been running these variations for three months and then evaluated the performance of each of them.

The Results

With all landing page variations were in ad rotation:

In less then three-month period, the new version of landing page allowed us to improve click-through rate by 19,91% and decrease the cost of lead acquisition by $196,00 in comparison to the previous period. We managed to bring the total sales to over 1 million dollars in less than 3 months.

We managed to get:

- Cost per clicks reduced by $8,03

- Average position of the ad improved by 0.7

- Number of clicks converted into leads raised by 16,39%

- The cost of lead acquisition reduced by 25,98%.

0.23% CTR
16% ROI