Initially, there were two tasks to complete, so two working stages have been determined:

1) To identify all the omissions that can be a barrier for promotion of the site within search engines;

2) To substantially and qualitatively increase search engine traffic to the site by creating content for

inner pages as well as the site blog.

Taking into account we had quite a challenging task we have employed an unconventional approach to analyzing the keywords of successful competitors in the niche and to decide on those which were Kraftly Fashion Portal target queries.


To analyze with the help of Google Analytics those already converting for, and finally, to build semantic core we would work with while working on the content, tags and meta-tag optimization.

So far, more than 8.000 unique keywords optimized product page descriptions have been created and implemented, along with the category and subcategory page descriptions. The length of descriptions depended on the page type:

250 words for the category pages, 150-200 words for subcategory pages, and 70-80 words for the product pages.

Our solution was to implement tracking codes on each and every page and then separate the triggers to respond only to certain action.

Visitors would come to the website, look for what they need, and the system would, also, suggest other merchandise based on their searches similarity.

The Result of Our Work

Although we have been not working on link building apart from the main tasks, publishing unique valuable content led to this content being shared on social media, and so we have managed to increase the referral traffic by more than 27%

0.21% CTR
12% more CPA
8% ROI